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Franklin Foer—World without mind

Sat 24 March at 6:30pm, Carriageworks

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We love our tech toys, tools and networks but what are we sacrificing for their daily convenience? As the big four – Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – get bigger, they consume more and more of our attention. Privacy, contemplation and autonomous thought are just some of the casualties. Franklin Foer argues that this transformation has gone so far that it endangers our ability to think. Are we on our way to a world without mind?

Presented by UNSW Centre for Ideas and Carriageworks.
Grand Challenges Program: Living with 21st Century Technology.

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Michael Sandel—What's become of truth?

Sat 24 March at 8:15pm, Carriageworks

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Political philosopher Michael Sandel has been described as a “rock-star moralist,” renowned for bringing his audiences into conversation about the most important issues of our time. In this unique Sydney event, Professor Sandel will put truth under the knife; dissecting the arguments, facts and philosophy and challenging us to join him to debate the search for truth.

Presented by UNSW Centre for Ideas and Carriageworks.

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What should we do about democracy?

With A.C. Grayling, Cory Doctorow, Rebecca Huntley, Lenore Taylor and Jeremy Moss
Thurs 1 Mar at 7:30pm, City Recital Hall

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It feels like democracy is under siege. Populist movements have been unleashed in the UK and USA. Important issues that citizens care about are sidelined. Do these problems add up to the failure of democracy? Are Brexit and Trump outliers, or the new normal? Join a lively panel of experts and commentators exploring some big questions about the future of democracy.

Presented by UNSW Centre for Ideas and the Practical Justice Initiative.

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Andres Serrano— The art of homelessness

In conversation with Monique Schafter
Thurs 22 March at 6:30pm, Paddington RSL
*Please note new venue due to weather

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Andres Serrano’s giant portraits from his ‘Residents of New York’ and ‘Denizens of Brussels’ series make it impossible to turn away from his homeless subjects. The artist returned to photographing the homeless when he noticed their numbers increasing in his native New York. Join us for a conversation about his work and what it means at a time when Australia is dealing with its own homeless crisis.

Presented by UNSW Centre for Ideas.
Grand Challenges Program: Inequality.