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LIVESTREAM | Life Among the Stars
Mon 17 Aug | 6.30pm | FREE

Where will the search for alien life outside our solar system take us? If we are looking for life beyond our solar system, we need to know where to look, and what kind of environment we are looking for. Less than two decades ago, wondering whether distant stars could host other planets was a theory for science fiction writers rather than scientists. In this event, discover the latest research about the worlds beyond our solar system and the origins of life on Earth.

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LIVESTREAM | Eating for the Planet
Tue 18 Aug | 6.30pm | FREE

How will we feed a future population of 10 billion people? Four years ago, this question was posed to a group of doctors and dieticians from all over the world, and their response became the Planetary Health Diet – a way of eating created by scientists to bring together the health needs of humans with what our planet can afford. The Planetary Health Diet charts a way to solve major health issues, and balance human needs with our impact on the environment in the age of climate change. Join this panel of experts and health advocates as they discuss how we can all eat better and contribute to a healthier world.

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LIVESTREAM | We Still Need To Talk About Climate Change
Wed 19 Aug | 6.30pm | FREE

In January we watched helplessly as Australia burned. Over 18 million hectares were destroyed, and more than a billion animals were killed. It was clear to those on both sides of politics that Australia needed immediate climate action. Flash forward and the all-encompassing nature of COVID-19 has made it almost impossible to talk about anything else, but the imperatives of climate change have not gone away. As we grapple with the new normal of bushfires and water shortages, on top of pandemic recovery, how can we remove the politics from these important issues? If the first step is a different kind of conversation, Tim Flannery, Rebecca Huntley and Adriana Vergés discuss how to make this happen, and how to turn these important conversations into the solutions we need.

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LIVESTREAM | The World According to Physics
Thu 20 Aug | 6.30pm | FREE

What does physics tell us about the world? Shining a light on the most profound insights revealed by modern physics, Jim Al-Khalili invites us to understand what this crucially important science tells us about the universe and the nature of reality itself. What is our current understanding of the laws of the universe? From the cosmic to the quantum, and on to the speculative frontiers of physics that underpin our everyday experiences, Jim Al-Khalili offers us his own account of what we know now, and what there is still to discover.

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