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David Cooper Lecture | Julia Gillard in conversation with Tegan Taylor

Wed 25 May | Digital Event | FREE

Globally, we have learnt many lessons from the pandemic - that public health shouldn’t be politicised, that we cannot stop COVID-19 without a global response, and that the cracks of inequality between nations have become impossible to ignore. How can we use what we have learnt over the last two years to ensure we emerge a healthier and fairer society?   

Former Prime Minister Julia Gillard is now the Chair of the Wellcome Trust, a not-for-profit global organisation that supports science to solve urgent health challenges equitably. She joins journalist Tegan Taylor for an evening of conversation exploring how to leverage science and make advances in health available to everyone

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Something That May Shock and Discredit You

Tue 14 Jun | Digital Event | FREE

Daniel Lavery is clear about one thing, he does not owe an explanation about himself or his gender to anyone.  

His new book, Something That May Shock and Discredit You, takes direct aim at the cultural canon, spanning everything from the cast of Mean Girls to the beauty of William Shatner, while exploring how the experience of coming to know and affirm his gender has impacted how Daniel sees the world.   

Join UNSW social researcher Christy Newman in conversation with Daniel to explore how this combination of courage and humour might teach us how to become more honest about the awkwardness and ambiguities in our intimate lives. 

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