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UNSW x National Science Week

The Future of Food

Mon 16 Aug | 6.30pm | Digital Event | FREE

Join food and health expert Johannes le Coutre in conversation with journalist Joanna Savill as they explore the future of food. As we take our first tentative steps into the paradigm shifting world of lab-grown and no-kill meat, will 21st century science will save the day, or are the solutions to our biggest problems a combination of the old and the new?

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Space Weather and the Path to Mars

Tue 17 Aug | 6.30pm | Digital Event | FREE

While the odds seem stacked against us, some of the brightest minds in the world are on the case. Discover more in our two-part lecture, where Sarah Brough, Iver Cairns, and Susanna Guatelli talk all things space weather, astronaut protection and whether we’ll ever make our Mars aspirations a reality.

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Justice for the Oceans

Sat 21 Aug | 3pm | Digital Event | FREE

Join ocean defender Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and leading Australian marine scientist Emma Johnston as they lay the foundations for a better ocean future.

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