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What comes next?

23 August - 7 September 2022
8.58am – 8.58am AEST
How can we equip ourselves for a future plagued with uncertainty?
arrows facing different directions

We have begun the 21st century sliding into a future that feels plagued by one crisis after another. One of global pandemics, climate emergencies, accelerating inequality, and senseless violence – making it understandable to feel fearful about what the future holds. As we forge ahead and confront economic turmoil, massive disruptions in our environment, in technology, and in the very world in which we live, we must ask ourselves if there is hope on the horizon.

Over two nights, hear a collection of short talks that will urge you to bravely look to the future and challenge you to ask what comes next. What new challenges are waiting for us just around the corner? 

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